Friday, July 08, 2005

New mailing address

I'm over here on "Mainside" in the middle of the day to update this, but it is OK since the CO is with me. And after how we all heard that yáll back home we firing up the torches and pitchforks because of my lack of updates (WHILE UNDERSTANDABLE), this is kinda of an "official" duty, right?

OK, OK. New address:

(Rank and name, e.g. Maj Erik T. Peterson, USMC)
CMATT, 3rd Bn, 2nd Bde
Camp Habbinayah, Iraq
APO AE 09381

Any mail you already send will find us; the APO AE 09381 remains the same. But with the 1/506th leaving and the 1/110th coming in, we are just pushing our mail to the Base Support people to pick up for us. Much better deal, handled by all Marines, and physically about a mile closer, so a good deal all around.

I will figure the picture thing out at some point. I really need to get MY computer on an internet drop in order to use the right software, but I am sure there is a workaround. We are taking plenty, and everyone will leave here with a copy of them, so never fear.

MSgt Radke joined his company up in Ramadi yesterday and will be up there for about a week; the CO, Master Guns Traylor took him up there yesterday morning and made sure he was in good hands. A quick funny Top Radke story: we were at a brief from the 2nd Marine Division Gunner, CWO-5 Walker, the other day. GREAT Marine, 31 years in the Corps, energetic, professional, funny as hell. Anyway, he looks at Top as he comes into the class room and says, "Good Lord, Top, you're big enough to eat hay and *@#& in the street!" I have never laughed so hard in my life. That was a new one. I'm STILL laughing about it.

Gotta run, but check out the following websites:

The first website is dedicated to the RAF occupation of this base. I just found it, haven't had a chance to dig into it, but I GUARANTEE the place is in worse shape than ANY of the old pictures can imply. Will try to take some current pics from the same locations in the website to compare and contrast.

More to come...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
Thank you so much for being over there for us, we all are praying for you and hoping your safe return SOON. I am MSgt Radke cousin in New Jersey and would like to say hello to him. Please let him know I send love and prayers.

Be safe,
Be strong,
With love,


08 July, 2005 20:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10-4 on the "torches and pitchforks". I am having trouble keeping your mom's torches wet and her pitchforks dull. You are doing a great job. Take care of yourself and your guys.

Dad Peterson

08 July, 2005 22:27  

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