Saturday, July 02, 2005

Stand in the door

Close, very close now.

Gy Greene caught back up to us today; we'd left him in Baghdad for a couple, maybe three, days to stay with our gear until it got up here. He flew in last night, and the gear just got here today. If we were in the rear, I'd be able to take him to the club and make it up to him over a pitcher of beer. Here, he get a tall frosty mug of "suck it up" and we have to push on.

Will be taking all of our gear with us, and it is a significant amount. I complain about the Wally World over on mainside here (the world's largest "combat" PX, which had a boxing match and band last night, etc.), but the good part for us with Uncle slinging your tax dollars around is that we GOT SOME GEAR. One of the Marines on the other team sweet-talked one of the Army soldiers out of brand new Camelbacks for both teams. These are smaller than out assault packs, but with a little pack space. This is the third camelback I've received since activating, plus I brought one of my own. There are a few things I wish we had a few MORE of, but we got at least one of everything we could have asked for. We have our own 5k generator, a crate of 96 rolls of toilet paper, and we are loaded for bear!

Will try to post some pictures later; have to run to a pre-deployment briefing. Check in later tonight.


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