Thursday, June 23, 2005

"...try try again."

After take off yesterday, about an hour into the flight, the crew informed us that we were still having trouble with the reverse thruster on an engine. We were too heavy to land back at McGuire (full load of fuel), so we would fly to Charleston, the home-base for this aircraft, where they could take us even if a little heavy. Plus, the maintenance facilities are better. Not great, but OK. So off to Charleston.

After two hours of flying, the aircraft got word that a line of massive thunderstorms over Charleston was going to make landing there impossible. We would have to be diverted again. Guess to where.

McGuire AFB, New F-ing Jersey.

Landed approx 2100, and we decided that - after the pain of billieting the night before - decided to sleep on the floor of the VIP lounge, which our team we had commandeered.

It is currently 1640, June 22. We are apparently caught in a time warp. Ground Hog Day rules are in effect. We have eaten more than we should have, watched daytime TV, gone to the BX again, and STILL DON'T KNOW WHEN WE ARE LEAVING.

All joking aside, everyone is still in good spirits, but our CONUS fun-meter has been pegged. Come tomorrow, we may be here, maybe Charleston, maybe Ramstein. We just don't know.


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