Friday, July 15, 2005

Master Guns Kistler "Iraqi-fying" the process of jump starting a jeep with #10 wire (new verb for the kids out there, similar to "jerry-rigging").
Bluedevil sends


Anonymous og said...

hey, is that a UAZ469? Sweet!

15 July, 2005 21:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You look even cuter than when you left and I didn't know that was possible ;) miss u! <3 Amanda

17 July, 2005 04:14  
Anonymous Wayne T. Peterson said...

#10 wire is only good for 35 amps. It takes 70 to 100 amps to start most vehicles. He must be a magician.

18 July, 2005 02:46  
Anonymous Proud U.S. Supporter said...

he's not a magician... he's a hero what are you doing for this country? What ever it is, at least you have the time of day to be sitting on the computer critisizing little details, while he is over there working on a car that im 100% positive that he knows what he is doing since he has been working on cars since he was 16 years old. Plus he didnt type it so lay off.

18 July, 2005 04:23  
Blogger petersonet said...

Proud Supporter,

Easy now, easy.

The previous poster (my Dad) wins for technicality, but a close look at the picture will reveal about 4-5 wires bundled to accomplish the job. You are both right; Master Guns is a magician (you have no idea), and my Dad is a smart ass (no news to me)!

Return your knfe to the sheath; no blood need be drawn today.

Maj Erik Peterson

18 July, 2005 17:15  
Anonymous Wayne T. Peterson, PE said...

Boy, I am amazed that we cannot have a little humor in this blog. I apologize to Master Guns Kistler if his obvious skills were somehow belittled by me. That was not my intent. With my bifocals I could not see the five wires (and still cannot see them).

As to smart-ass as a descriptor, you can emphasize either word you want, "smart" or "ass". They both fit in their own time, and even work well in tandem. To you, I apologize for stirring up your sensibilities. That was way off my intent.

Now, let's get to what I am doing to support the war.

1. I designed the electrical systems including backup generation for the WMD labs at the Pentagon and at about a dozen other locations including Georgia, Hawaii, Alaska, Idaho, Ohio, and I cannot remember where else.

2. Both of my Marine sons served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm while their mother and I helped to balance the assholes over here that were claiming that "only blacks and white trash who could not get a job were over there." That is a direct quote from the post office worker who told the customer in front of me that she was against the action in Kuwait. You want to see a Marine's father chew some ass, you should have been in the Postmaster's office with him and that lady and me that day.

3. My son Erik is the XO of the operation we are now discussing and he is also the main author of the blog itself. (You and I are distracting him from that effort. Let's quit it.) I am busy trying to keep his mom calmed down while he is there. I am trying to do my part.

4. I cannot wait for an anti-war demonstration that I can get out and help to counter.

I am retired now, so I can try to add my pride in his group to the meat of the conversation at my leisure. I swear, I thought calling Master Guns Kistler a magician was a complement to him. Was that a bad thing?

Dad Peterson

18 July, 2005 19:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this blog, I check it at least 10 times a day!!! I need to get a life!!!! I love all the humor and comments.. I think thats what keeps us sane here in the states and over in Iraq. We all miss our husbands, sons, brothers and friends but keeping the situation light really makes me feel at ease. Thank you for all your funny notes and comments and keep them coming. I think Master Gun Kistler had a good laugh about the wires, by the way I only see 4. I know I did... They all are HEROS in my book

18 July, 2005 22:15  
Blogger oldteach said...

In Wayne's defense, he was being funny and if you knew him and loved him as those of us that do do you would know that. He can be a smart-ass but he is an amazing man and Erik's dad. Erik and fellow marines, I am still waiting to be told what ya'll need over there. Erik, I am in the process of lining up our middle school chaplain at school to get some care packages sent once school starts. I need to know what ya'll need. Stay safe.

19 July, 2005 05:08  

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