Saturday, August 06, 2005

New contest: Name the HUMMVs

One last thing; I've been trying to come up with something similar to Krusty and Sideshow Bob to name our HUMMVs (if confused, see early July postings). Since we have three HUMMVS, I've thought about making it the Three Stooges, or the Pep Boys. Thought about World War II nose art like aircraft had back then, but I don't think any bikini-clad pinups would fly out in town. Thought about the Jilloy (private joke; my family will get it). Can't seem to land on the perfect one. Any ideas? Must be simple, easily painted or drawn, unique, and funny.


Blogger MiteyJoe said...

You could go with the bikini theme and make them Charlie's Angels or keep it family rated and name them Huey, Dewey and Louie (Donald Duck's nephews). Keep up the good work and be safe.

The Lebano Family
(Joe, Kelly, and the three redheaded kids from Jen & Matts)

P.s. We're friends / fans of Capt Rush. You need to get him away from that heavy equipment / weaponry and have him marinate and deep fry some chickens or turkeys for you!!!

06 August, 2005 19:18  
Blogger Archangel said...

How about the GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY? Use your own mugs for characters. Just a thought.

Keep Safe


06 August, 2005 21:06  
Anonymous Friend@Mayport said...

Hey Guys,I am a big fan here in the states. I've been reading this blog since its conception. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. I truly appreciate it. Now about names for your HUMVs, how about the 3 Amigos...Steve, Chevy and Martin. Or the Animaniacs, Wakko, Yakko and Dot. The Virtues, Faith, Hope and Charity. Or Peter, Paul and Mary. :)Thanks again guys.

07 August, 2005 17:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it obvious? Larry, Curly, and Moe!

08 August, 2005 00:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoops, too obvious. OK, how about continuing the theme of Krusty and Sideshow Bob: Itchy and Scratchy, and maybe Poochie, although he was only on one episode.

08 August, 2005 01:04  
Blogger lilsissuzee said...

Krusty, SideShow Bob, and Corporal Punishment. (an official Kohort of Krusty the Clown, known as "The man in Charge of the studio".)

08 August, 2005 19:16  
Blogger vmijpp said...

or a greaseman theme... "oscar", "lawman" and "sgt fury"

09 August, 2005 19:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anything but PLEASE not the JILLOY!

xoxoox Jill and Isa

11 August, 2005 23:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how about Brook, Sallie and Chaka? they are missing you too Uncle Erik! :) me again

11 August, 2005 23:36  
Blogger Dunerati said...

Bart, Lisa, Maggie: very iconic, easily distinguishable, noticable and non-offensive unless you add some 'don't have a cow, man' or 'eat my shorts' but could be quite fun.

Lock, stock, 2 smoking barrels.. wth is the lock? *eh j/k

if you a lil more late nite maybe some aqua teen hunger force
Shake, Fry, and Meatwad

just in case don't know Adult Swim:
■ “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” (airing at various times most nights) is a crudely animated cartoon featuring the exploits of a talking milkshake, a talking meatball and a talking side of fries superimposed on old scenes from “Scooby-Doo” and other shows. It was funnier the less you tried to make sense of it.

13 August, 2005 01:23  
Anonymous mrsgyellis said...

flopsy mopsy & cottontail

15 August, 2005 01:56  
Blogger radkesintx said...

I second that!

15 August, 2005 03:23  
Anonymous Pam said...

Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke.

15 August, 2005 04:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the See no Evil ect and think that the monkies would be kinda funny and should be non-offensive at the same time

21 August, 2005 10:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers:

Freewheelin' Franklin, Phineas, and Fat Freddie.

Used to be in ZAP Comics back in the day.

25 August, 2005 16:54  
Anonymous rjwerning said...

Naming suggestions:
Superheros (The Thing, The Hulk, Silver Surfer, etc).

Or you could name them like they do naval ships, use states or famous people.

30 August, 2005 08:30  

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