Tuesday, September 13, 2005

NEW new mailing address

Hi all,

Believe it or not, we will be getting a new mailing address shortly. You can ask your individual Marines, but I will post it here at the earliest possible moment. HOLD ALL MAIL until you get the address from here or from one of our team. If something is already in the mail or you just dropped it off, not to worry, it will find us, but may take a bit more time.

Thanks for your patience,

Maj Peterson


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If y'all want any goodies from the Cub Scouts, then we need two things. 1. A wish list 2. Correct address. We're proud of ya, but USPS & MilMail won't deliver without correct addys.
Stay Safe!
--Steve S., Bowling Green,VA

13 September, 2005 22:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maj Peterson, If you get this soon and have any new news of Kevin, please email me if you are permitted at vzz751@rochester.rr.com

Thank You,
Keith Walsh

14 September, 2005 03:49  

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