Friday, November 11, 2005

Ahhhh, Ramadi! Can you feel (and smell) the excitement!?!
Bluedevil sends


Blogger amy7252 said...

Second question: I haven't read every entry on your blog, but I never see any indication that you are unhappy to be where you are. Were you *at all* upset to get called up to Iraq?

12 November, 2005 21:39  
Blogger radkesintx said...

As a spouse of one of the career Marines with this unit I would like to offer a little insight from my side of the fence. In the nearly ten years Top and I have been married with this being my fourth deployment in 7 years, I have learned a number of things. I will say I am always amazed at a Marine's ability to make lemonade from lemons. That in an of itself makes them optimists. They believe in what they are doing, as do I. Why complain when they are showing us, in such a public forum, their lives and daily work. If they were complaining, which I don't see as the purpose of this blog, I would be concerned. Are they unhappy about: 6-12 month seperation from family, living in lousy conditions, missing Thanksgiving, Christmas, kid's birthdays, anniversaries, births, babies first steps, first words, knowing their family worries everyday they might not come home? I would say a resounding YES! But to sit and is just not their way. And besides, if they are distracted by sadness or unhappiness, it means they are not 'paying attention to detail'. Something we are all counting on every single one of them to do so that each and every Marine makes it home...ALIVE...again.

13 November, 2005 03:25  
Blogger petersonet said...


Easy, now, easy...

Everyone, this is Amy; Amy, this is everyone.

Amy has a blog of her own that I came across, "J'habite A Paris", that is fantastic, about the life and times of her American family in Paris. Came across it while on the Blogspot website.

I posted a comment that I thought her site was great; she wrote back after looking at this blog; I asked if she had any questions to let me know; and as they say in France, "voila", here are her questions. She is good people; let's let her live. :)

And besides, she is seeing more combat in Paris than we are here just now!

Drifter 5

13 November, 2005 17:56  
Blogger radkesintx said...

My apologies if I have offended. My intensity is hard to disguise. I only speak for myself.

13 November, 2005 19:06  
Blogger amy7252 said...

No offense taken at all! :) I appreciate the honesty, and apologize if I sounded like I was "digging for dirt." I suppose the first answer to your response is, "Duh, of course you miss family, friends, holidays, etc." Mostly, I was just (pleasantly) surprised at Erik's good sense of humor and startling ability to find something positive to say all the time. Not exactly what you see on TV in America, you know? (Happy people don't sell newspapers or attract viewers.)

As a fellow optimist, thanks for sharing the "bright side" of a war-torn country.

13 November, 2005 21:27  

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