Friday, January 27, 2006

Another day gone, thank God. Beautiful from the horizon up, but the mud and puddled rainwater counterbalance it.
Bluedevil sends


Anonymous 1SG J. R. Sodan USA Ret said...

If I could I would fire you and the rest of the team just so you all could come home early. LOL
Just all be safe and come home to the land of the "BIG PX" or I guess in Marine terms "BIG BX". The "WORLD" is still here and they are still making lots of beer. The Super Bowl is next weekend, Steelers vs Sea Hawks. I'm not picking sides so I don't offend anyone.

28 January, 2006 13:58  
Blogger Bag Blog said...

Isn't it ironic that TX and OK are experiencing a drought while you guys have the rain and mud? You post great pictures - I will miss that when you guys come back home, but I will be happy for you. Stay safe.

29 January, 2006 16:30  
Blogger devildog6771 said...

Lol, you and Wordsmith both talked about the mud. You know it's really funny. In my mind I know it has to rin over there but my only images are of sand and sand dunes. By the way, do cactii also grow in Iraq? I'm just curious, lol! Take care and be safe. Thank you for your service.

29 January, 2006 21:02  
Anonymous Agnieszka O. said...

It was raining in Dallas on Friday :-)no mud though.

31 January, 2006 08:15  
Blogger devildog6771 said...

Hey you guys takes great pictures. Do you hsve any Camals where you are? I'd love to see one again.Thanks.

02 February, 2006 17:52  

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