Saturday, June 25, 2005

On the ground in Iraq

Arrived about three hours ago (1130 local, 25 June 05) at Baghdad International Air Port (BIAP for short). Will be staying tonight in nearby Camp Stryker, billeted in an air conditioned tent on cots. All in all it could be worse. We will fly to Taji tomorrow night for about a week's worth of training and then begin our turnover with the outgoing team.

Nothing much more to add. I do have some more pictures, but the internet cafe I am writing from informs me that, in addition to NO DRINKS, NO CUPS, and NO PORN, that NO MEMORYSTICKS are allowed. I'll put some pictures up when I can.

It is hot, but honestly not as hot as 29 Palms in August (we are still in June, though, so I am waiting for the other shoe to drop). This camp has a small PX, a civilian run ice cream bar (no joke), and this movie/internet cafe tent. Considering how last time I was in this region (Desert Storm, 1990-1991) I was sitting on a cot beside a tank in the sand, this could be a lot worse.

Will update when there is something to add. Still no mailing address; will try to squeeze one out of higher HQ tomorrow at Taji.

Lastly, Iraq is 8 hours ahead of Eastern time in the states, 9 hours Central. Adjust your clocks accordingly.


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