Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Checking in - 05 Oct 05


No time to write just now, but wanted to let you know we are all right. Everyone has been very, very busy. The op tempo here is busier here in Ramadi than it had been in Habbaniyah, and there is not a minute in the day when we aren't doing something, planning on doing something, or recovering from doing something. The days are passing very quickly, but each feels like it was a month long (I was about to say " passing a kidney stone...", which would be accurate too). Everyone is doing superbly and I will write more about them all later, but for now, alas, back to the grindstone.

Take care, and Semper Fi,

Drifter 5

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Checking in - 04 Oct 05


Everyone is fine; no time to write just now. We have all been very, very, very busy. The days go very quickly, but each day feels like a week. Went to bed two days ago at 0330; got up this morning at 0300.

Everyone is doing well; eveyone is OK. Will try to get something posted tomorrow. At the very least, Ramadi does give you plenty to write about. My humble apologies to all for the delay,