Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Checking in - 04 Oct 05


Everyone is fine; no time to write just now. We have all been very, very, very busy. The days go very quickly, but each day feels like a week. Went to bed two days ago at 0330; got up this morning at 0300.

Everyone is doing well; eveyone is OK. Will try to get something posted tomorrow. At the very least, Ramadi does give you plenty to write about. My humble apologies to all for the delay,



Anonymous Dad Peterson said...

You have nothing to apologize for. We want to hear from all of you, but the job and your safety are first. Can we assume "Drifter 5" is your CO? Nice to see additions from others in your team.

We will look forward to everything you send, whenever you can send it.

05 October, 2005 21:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am with your Dad on this one EP. WE all love hearing anything and everything. Just hearing from you is a pleasure. It is nice for those of us left here at home to see what you all are going through. The pictures make it really real and then there are your very descriptive sentences that always add to the picture. So, keep it coming. Not much new on this end. The second montrosity as I call the new field house is coming a long pretty well. It is due to be finished this winter. I think I told you Kemper announced his retirement at the end of the year. Course, Bolling, Smith, Boyd, and others are still year. Hope you are doing okay, all things considered. Love ya,

05 October, 2005 23:41  

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