Tuesday, September 27, 2005

One of our convoys staged and ready to roll to Ramadi.
Bluedevil sends


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of convoys...
Your first 'Cub Scout Care Packs' are being assembled. If ya want anything more than balloons and Mach3 razors, then NOW would be a great time to send a request list.
**Not accepting requests for millions of dollars in small denominations.:)
Really, we would like your requests in by 10/10.
Thanks, Stay Safe, God Bless!
--Steve S. & CS Pack 173, Bowling Green, VA.

28 September, 2005 17:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the biggest request has been jerky... keep it coming. Handy wipes & chap stick are always good. Sometimes I put in recent magazines or newpapers. Just to know what is going on back in the states is nice. Hope this helps....

28 September, 2005 17:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or is there yet another new address in the works?
Take Care, Be Safe, God Bless
-Steve S., Bowling Green, VA.

29 September, 2005 16:27  

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