Friday, July 15, 2005

The wily, elusive SSgt Walsh. He counldn't hide from the camera while in the turret.
Bluedevil sends


Anonymous og said...

Thanks for the work you are doing. You and all the men and women serving are in my prayers and in my family's prayers. be safe, watch your six, and welcome to the blogroll!

15 July, 2005 18:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean it took sending him to IRAQ, in 115 deg plus temps, in full gear to get one picture of him smiling. Must be the machine gun. Keep up the good work.


16 July, 2005 03:53  
Anonymous JilleWalsh said...

Thanks, Maj. Peterson!

16 July, 2005 04:55  
Anonymous jillewalsh said...

Lookin' good in full tactical gear...too bad he had to lose my Iraqi sunglasses.

16 July, 2005 05:14  

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