Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Now why whould you send a bald man a shower cap (besides to provide a good picture for the blog)?
Bluedevil sends


Blogger radkesintx said...

To keep his hair dry should he decide to let it grow out to peach fuzz length!!!!

17 August, 2005 16:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Mark Koop, I grew up with Top Radke. I want to send a care package over but that SOB hasn't responded to my email. Can you tell him to check his messages for me? I need your address.
I am praying for you my Marine brothers.

Semper Fi
Mark Koop
85' 89'

17 August, 2005 19:00  
Blogger bossysiskit said...

Hey Mark this is Kittee Alex's sister if you read down the blog you will find the address to mail him packages. Hope all is well with you. Great picture of your bro... Love and Miss you

17 August, 2005 20:29  
Blogger bossysiskit said...

Hey Alex what up with the peach fuzz under the lip or is that dirt???

17 August, 2005 20:31  
Blogger marrusmc said...

Alex, put some milk on the lip and hopefully a cat will clean that off for you. The shower cap adds more shine to you grape, that is all you need in Indian country.

18 August, 2005 05:33  
Blogger radkesintx said...

Nice one 'Gary the Cat Lover' real nice...

18 August, 2005 06:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey this is for Mark, Hey bro I havent recieved any emails from you! If you are using my military email it doesnt work out here. You will have to email me at hope to hear from you soon


18 August, 2005 11:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Kittee,

Alex, email is on the way.


18 August, 2005 14:38  
Blogger Anne & John said...

Hey Bubba, maybe the cap should be worn over your helmut so it can be as shiny as your head!

Love ya and miss ya...stay safe

19 August, 2005 13:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't beleive they found a shower cap to fit that big ol pumpkin head....

your favorite brother-in-law

20 August, 2005 03:14  
Blogger Call Me Grandma said...

I love your pictures, especially this one. I am thrilled to have found your blog. I feel like I know more about where my son is. God Bless

25 August, 2005 18:21  

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