Friday, November 11, 2005

Bluedevil sends


Blogger radkesintx said...

What a great shot! Thank you!!!

11 November, 2005 20:32  
Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and Safety to all Marines on your special day!

Special Prayers to Team Med-Fah from Tun Tavern. We raise a glass in toast.

India Battery 3-14, Reading, Pa. Next time the Armory Lock gets jammed, write Master Guns Traylor. He knows where to get the parts.

11 November, 2005 20:48  
Blogger lilsissuzee said...

Great to see you guys.:D Happy Day Happy Day!!!! :P

11 November, 2005 21:43  
Blogger Mike Coogan said...

Happy belated Birtday, Marines!

The Armory day gate lock was changed in 2002-2003. We had to, there was only one key left...... otherwise call Medeco!

14 November, 2005 15:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Marines.
Y'all get your care packages yet?
Let us know when you do.
Cub Scouts are building
Pinewood Derby cars.
Will be sending pix of the event
later. Take Care!

-Steve S.
Cub Scout Pack 173
Bowling Green, VA

15 November, 2005 23:41  
Blogger Vaqas said...

Happy Birthday.
We hope you maitain a real peace out there.

Lahore, Pakistan

17 November, 2005 10:30  
Blogger GormanJ said...

That's a great photo. Looks like Rocco has a goatie. Eric, your pictures and blog entries have been great. I've followed since y'all departed. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. You men are the thing I am most thankful for this year!! Thank You!

18 November, 2005 00:33  

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