Monday, December 05, 2005

Mail on


OK, turn the mail back on. Sorry for the "simon says" routine, but it's much worse on this end. The address posted to 3/7 is a GO.

Thanks for you patience. Will try to post today or tomorrow.


Anonymous Wayne T. Peterson said...

I have already had one person ask me what 3/7 means. It refers to

3rd Bn, 7th Mar

That means the last address he posted is the right one.

Dad Peterson

05 December, 2005 18:19  
Anonymous 1SG J.R.Sodan USA Ret. said...

I'm glad the situation is resolved, now we can send the Christmas Gifts and hopefully they will arrive in time. Take care Marines, there are a lot of people back here that care. Oh by the way, today is Pearl Harbor Day, lest we forget.

07 December, 2005 14:20  

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