Thursday, July 21, 2005

Gy Greene BZO-ing his M4.
Bluedevil sends


Blogger marrusmc said...

I thought he only knew how to shoot ERO's

23 July, 2005 05:01  
Blogger KARMENandKAMRYN said...

Hey Brad, it's Karmen I finally found you! I've been trying to get your email addy from Momma but she can't seem to remember to get it for me. I'm gonna print the pics on here and give them to her so she can see her boy in action! BTW Kamryn recgonized you in the first pic on here :-)
Hey, if you can send me an email address on here so that I can email you. Unless you want in on the snail mail contest that is lol
Well, Big Brother I'm proud of you and Kamryn and I both love you very much.
Karmen and Kamryn

20 August, 2005 21:57  

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