Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Me not looking very happy. And this was BEFORE the walk back.
Bluedevil sends


Anonymous Momma M in PA said...

Well, to me, you look deadly serious. Which must be needed... How does that sound?

Thank you for writing. Even though its Groundhog day again, it adds up toward building a chance for the Iraqis not to lose what we have done. Just like Bill Murray started to catch on to "what he needed to be doing to really live" as the days went on. Praying that tomorrow is about to dawn in Iraq.

Seems like we could feel the air and hear the sounds as you all went out on the mission. Glad you didn't explain What was that smell. Thanks for explaining Civil Camp. We were wondering.

And if you see my GI Joe there please give him a smile.

30 August, 2005 16:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, full gear, hot weather, pleasant smells, away from home, make that FAR away from home, armed and well, I would consider you dangerous on a normal day (smile who loves you), you have walked HOW far and you are supposed to look HAPPY. Now, Erik, my friend, that would imply that you normally look very happy! Now, before anybody gives me a hard time about giving my dearest friend Erik a hard time, I am just PLAYING. Everyone at ST.C. sends their love and has asked about you. Their is a webcam on the construction of the field house (www.stchristophers.com) if you are homesick. I start my new position in lower school on Wednesday. I paid $3.00 a gallon of gas yesterday. Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. Not much else except we miss you. UVa plays Duke Sept 24 in football. I will let you know. We open with Western Michigan tomorrow night. St. Chris has 1 guy who should see some action.
Take care.

03 September, 2005 00:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to see more pictures of the unit and less of machines. People other than the military ( who make most of the hits to this website) are ususally just interested in seeing the person is still alive & in one piece. Piece of advice, take more pictures of everyone in the unit in their everyday duties, their bedroom, mealtime, playtime, worktime. But less machines and bad electrical wiring.

07 September, 2005 17:43  
Blogger marrusmc said...

To anonymous - I am very interested in seeing the machines as well as the people. I also have people in Iraq right now I care about, although they are not loved ones but very dear friends. It helps me (and possibly all of us) understand the conditions that our family and friends are living in. Keep hiding behind the cloak of anonymity and appreciate what one Marine is taking valuable time from his day to share with all of us. If you have issues go over there and take all of the pictures you want.

Gary Marr

07 September, 2005 23:11  
Blogger radkesintx said...

Wow Anonymous! I would like to think that this blog is seen more as a look at the whole picture of our unit's mission (the reason they are deployed) instead of a visual head count. That discounts Maj Peterson's and our Marine's efforts. As far as playtime, I doubt they have much at all. I think they are showing their everyday duties: patrolling. Everything else is somewhat explained, thanks to Maj Peterson.

Elizabeth Radke

07 September, 2005 23:18  

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