Monday, August 22, 2005

Two more stories

Two things I forgot from yesterday. First, you have to be careful of what you say around the Iraqi, because many of them do speak at least some english. Gy Ellis was frustrated after this cluster of a raid we had about a week ago. We always try to get a digital picture of a detainee at the point of detention, with all evidence around him and the grid location written on the blindfold. A picture is worth a thousand words, especially to the Iraqi court system. Anyway, the Iraqis Gy Ellis had been with had NOT gotten a picture, and Gy was annoyed. At the brig here on base, the jailer asked for the picture. Gy says, with the Iraqi Lt right net to him, "They didn't bother to get one," or something like that. The Iraqi stops whatever he is doing and says in heavily accented english, "If you give to me the cammm-e-rrra, I will take the picture!" The only thing missing was the "wah wah wah wahhhhhh" and a sitcom laugh track. He and I still crack each other up by just saying "cammmm-e-rrrra" now. Hilarious!

Second, believe it or not, the heat wave has started to break, and it is now cool in the mornings and evenings. Still hot at noon, but not nearly as bad as even a week ago. Fall is around the corner, thank God. Our sense of scale is off, though. Anything below 90 and we feel like putting on an extra layer.

Gotta run.


Blogger vmijpp said...

OH, TO BE A FLY ON THE WALL! having seen Gy E's reaction to training ops that didn't go as well as he thought they should, i'd have given LOTS OF MONEY to have seen it for real.

E. Clown
CO Emeritus, Hotel 3/14

22 August, 2005 16:47  
Blogger Bec said...

I like your short stories about basic life in Iraq on both sides of the wire.

I left you a list of words/phrases to define/claify under the blog "Patrol with a Fury"----when you get the time.

Stay safe.

23 August, 2005 11:49  
Anonymous mrsgyellis said...

Alright already, I am sending a new camera this week!!! Along with some dip(you know, to make it easier on the rest of team). Maybe you will keep you comments in check if you have a bit of nicotine.

23 August, 2005 16:40  
Anonymous George W. Bush said...

Good thing I never had to go to war...

there's no cocaine over there huh?

Damn I love cocaine...

I am George W. Bush and I approved this mess...

25 August, 2005 09:13  
Blogger Call Me Grandma said...

Hi, I got your address from our FRG group. They said that you are at the same place my son is at, in Iraq, Camp H.
I'll visit often. Stay safe and thank you for serving our country. God Bless.
I'll link you to my site.

25 August, 2005 16:13  
Anonymous Friend in Mayport , FL said...

To the person that left the silly message identifying themself as George W......These guys are out there sacrificing their lives for you.....trying to keep their friends and family informed.......they do not need ignorant, meaningless comments left on their blog....find something better to do with your time.......

25 August, 2005 21:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen to That!!!!

26 August, 2005 20:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peterson, we are enjoying your blog. Our daughter is in Talefar, with the Army, and it helps to get a real-non biased view of what's going on there (for some reason, she's not able to get on the Internet herself)

I actually work with your CO's dad, I spoke to the CO right before he left.

Thanks to all you guys for what you are doing, we respect and admire you.

God Bless you all,
Lynell (yet another military mom)

29 August, 2005 05:19  
Blogger Sgt. Dan said...

I'm actually deployed over to Iraq right now. I'm currently at Haibbaniyh. I noticed the picture you have from the gunner's hole on camp. Nice to check out a blog talking about the daily routine of TQ and Habbaniyh Marine's -n- Soldiers. Stay safe brother. If you'r ever on the MSR eastbound just look for my tank.

29 August, 2005 19:02  

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