Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ellis of Ramadi with a local elder. Note the AK to the right of the frame, and the excitement on Gunny's face.
Bluedevil sends


Blogger Call Me Grandma said...

So happy to see your post. I was getting worried. The news is telling about the bad stuff that is going on over there.
Praying that you all stay safe. God Bless.

10 October, 2005 02:44  
Anonymous mrsgyellis said...

Finally a picture of him smiling. I guess there isn't much to smile about over there. We are saying lots of prayers for you guys.

10 October, 2005 17:54  
Blogger vmijpp said...

if you look closely he appears to have a dip in his mouth. that could account for the smile. or it's just his normal sunny disposition!

11 October, 2005 16:01  
Anonymous Dinger said...

I've seen that expression before; dip for sure!

11 October, 2005 23:22  
Anonymous mrsgyellis said...

No, I actually ASKED for a picture of him smiling and not at parade rest. He kindly obliged his wifes request. (he knows he better appease me)

12 October, 2005 19:06  
Anonymous said...

Glad to see Ellis chatting up a local elder.

Is he sizing up where y'all will have the next "dining in" or Birthday ball?

I need time to find the right dress and shoes.

Please make sure there is GOOD working A/C and NO leather chairs -been there, done that ;)

Stay safe. Prayers and good thoughts right at ya with lots of propellent -- Bet on it!

13 October, 2005 11:19  

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